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Ells Kartal Project

Everything That Rests Your Soul Is Here With You With the aim of adding value to lives and creating "firsts" in the sector by Artuklu Yatırım Real Estate, ELLS Kartal,which has been brought to life in Kartal, the district of the Anatolian Side which is gaining value with each passing day, by extending from 1+1 to 3+1 and private garden floor apartments covers a wide range. Comfort And Quality Centered Life ELLS Kartal, where the metro and other public transportation alternatives, the ease of transportation with the shuttles that willdepart from the site, and the unique Islands and sea view add value, is becoming one of the most attractive points for living and investment… A Life Like The Paiting Of Your Dreams The project that opens its doors to the forest and sea view with its special location next to the unique nature, historical and cultural texture of the Aydos Forest.ELLS Kartal offers a wide range of flats from 1+1 to 3+1 flats with large balconies to private garden floor flats.In the project, the Aydos Forest, which emerges from among the trees, is laid out in front of you like a painting. It will be good for you to live in the heart of nature, next to the Aydos Forest. Imagine walking by the lake in Aydos Forest or having a picnic next to your house at the weekend. This landscape, where you will feel the serenity and peace in your whole being, will renew you and fill you with the joy of life… A Life Full Of Privileges Where You Will Feel Special A place where you will be impressed at first sight and call home with great love and pride…At ELLS Kartal, we meticulously thought and realized a quality life that will make you feel special down to the smallest details.You will be able to swim whenever you want without having to leave your home, and you will enjoy the fierce competition in basketball and table tennis courts.While keeping your form with a healthy and fit life in the fitness room, you will relieve the tiredness of the day in the Turkish bath and sauna.In addition, parking problem, one of the biggest problems of Istanbul, will no longer be a problem with ELLS Kartal. A Happy Life In The Center Of Nature

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Kırklareli, Merkez, Turkey

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E24 helped me to find and n-buy the the right summer home in Bodrum that I was looking for. Super platform.

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After selling my company in Germany, they provided Real Estate investment with rental income in my hometown. Thank you

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